Hepatology Nursing Singapore

Hepatology Nursing Singapore

Overview about Hepatology Nursing

Hepatology nursing deals with caring for patients with liver diseases. This kind of work provide health members such as nurses an opportunity to practice their knowledge and skills with patients who have liver diseases. Statistics have shown that there are still quite a large number of people with liver diseases that turn into liver cancer. Most of these for example are hepatitis with various kinds (usually viral in nature), liver cirrhosis and a lot more.

Requirements for Hepatology Nursing

Requirements for being a nurse in this industry are typically the same with other specialty nursing. A student aspiring to be one must study a four-year nursing education or degree in a university or community college. Before nurses can practice, they must pass the Singapore Nursing Board requirements. After passing, they should also be registered in order to become a registered nurse. Then nursing professional can already apply to clinic and hospital.

Job Description

A typical day in a gastroenterology unit involves consultation of patients. Certain procedures can also be done such as a liver scan or fibroscan which is available in some major tertiary hospitals. With such consultations, medical doctors and staff are able to view major clinical information about the status of the disease and the patient’s liver. With the result of the consultations, doctors can plan or research for the care and use interventions for the patients. This is an important step in the management of liver illnesses which are usually viral in nature. Thus, immunizations for hepatitis must always be completed from birth up to adulthood. Three shots of hepa-B boosters are recommended for healthcare practitioners since there is a high-chance of contraction of disease in this field through needle prick alone for example.

Clinical trials are also available for patients among big hospitals. Hepatology nurses can assist member about the clinical trial which includes guidelines, support and protocols. Working in this kind of job is typically stress-free and usually office hours for the consultation and outpatient diagnostic procedures. Nurses must also organize and log new and old patients who are bound for consultation. Nurses can contact and update patients at home who are also interested to have a consultation in the hospital or clinics.


Nursing association like CAHN encourage nurses to attend events related to their specialty. They can also read and view news and access journals through the internet. In the end, this is a fun job for aspiring nurses who want to work closely with patient who have live with liver diseases.

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