Haematology Nursing Singapore

Haematology Nursing Singapore

Overview about Haematology Nursing

Heamatology nursing is a field of nursing that takes care of patients, both men and women, with blood diseases which can also be blood cancers. Thus a heamatology nurse can also work as an oncology nurse or cancer nurse. The demand for this health care specialty or jobs is also increasing in nature. Why? Because a lot of people are getting sick because of cancer. Research unit and information has shown that cancer patients will increase in the next decade. This is due to the unhealthy lifestyle and practice of some citizens. It can also be due to genetics. Thus, nurses must be health advocates to people who are prone to occupational hazards.

Requirements about Haematology Nursing

To become a heamatology nurse, a student must be able to endure 4 years of nursing education in a school or university. Then he or she must pass the Singapore Nursing Board in able to get the license and eventually practice as a nurse. Not all new nurses though can practice immediately as a heamatology nurse. He or she must undergo special training in some hospital as medicines and clinical procedures are no joke in this kind of field. In the US, there is a special online clinical certification for nurses in this field. A nurse can be certified as a bone marrow transplant nurse for this field. Once certified, this nurse can practice in Bone Marrow Transplant facilities.

Job Desciption

A typical day of a haematology nurse involves blood transfusions. This is usually done among patients with blood illnesses such as anemia and leukemia. A nurse can also be trained to transfuse bone marrow. Thus, the nurse must monitor the vital signs of the patient while the transfusion is on going. Severe blood reactions can happen anytime. Thus, constant assessment is a major responsibility of a nurse. They should monitor the patient for itching, difficulty of breathing, chills and fever to name a few. A nurse should typically have 1-2 years experience of nursing management with these kinds of cases. Courses are available online for advanced learning. You can search, find and choose a list of course specific to your nursing g need and knowledge. The info is already in the website and you just need to view, register and log to the site eventually. Support is available to nurses through contact and email.


Nursing services for these kinds of patients must be exceptional as these patients have a weak immune system. Day to day events for them is a struggle. Nurses must learn how to help them and they must work with them in order to plan the best care.

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