Government Nursing Jobs Singapore

Government Nursing Jobs Singapore


When we hear about government jobs, we see security and lots of positive things when it comes to salary and benefits. However, there are also disadvantages especially to healthcare workers like nurses and doctors and midwifery graduates. Opportunities and employment available in general are numerous. Thus part of recruitment are usually outsourced to some agencies for them to find a large number of medical and clinical health care workers interested to work in the public to render health services.

Nursing jobs in gov hospitals and facilities has usually the best training and complete department one can apply or find. Their careers or profession can also fast track from being novice to senior nurse in just a short amount of time.


A student interested to have a career in the government state must finish a 4 year Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Then he or she should pass and register in the Singapore Nursing Board. Once registered and licensed, the new nurse can already search and apply for a job.

Searching for Government Nursing Jobs

Like other hospitals, we can research and view this job post or work in their own site or websites. The page contains information about an opening, the salary, date, description, and other details such as email address or contact no. for you to use. Another is to skip their websites and research for third party job portal sites (such as which also contains a lot of job opening. Just sign-up in these websites and apply to various work. Nurse can do this at the comfort of their own home. The officer can contact you if you are chosen.

Working for the government hospital entails a lot of patience. The volumes of patients are huge and continuous. The service is usually at par with private hospitals in Singapore because government hospitals in SG are JCI accredited. Research and training are also excellent. You can encounter a lot of cases, disease and illness. This is a pro active step to enhance your career.


Working for the government is an exciting step towards career maturation. However, this requires tremendous patience. The benefits on the other hand are bigger and better than private institutions. Promo tion is usually fast since there are lots of nurses now resigning due to aging. This is an exciting time to apply and be part of government hospitals or health facilities rather than staying at home watching Jersey Shore.

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