Geriatric Nursing Singapore

Geriatric Nursing Singapore

Overview about Geriatric Nursing

Geriatric or gerontological nursing is the specialty of nursing that cares for the older people such as our grandmothers and grandfathers. Nurses in this field are often called home care nurses. The demand for this kind of clinical career will increase in trend in the near future. The reason behind this is that some population in some countries are becoming old or elderly in nature. This is based on research articles resources. An example of an aging population is the country of United Kingdom. Thus nurses are very in-demands in this country as lots of patient age and health issue arise at the same time.

Requirements for Geriatric Nursing

In order to become a nurse in this field, there must be a deeper understanding about how old adults people feel and see themselves. A student must therefore learn all the theories and clinical skills in school by getting a nursing degree or nursing education programs for four years. Then as required by the SNB or Singapore Nursing Board, the nursing stud ent must pass the exam and be registered eventually. Then, they can practice their career in care center, nursing homes or home for the aged.

Job Description

A typical work act of a geriatric nurse is quite tiring according to nurses in this field. The ratio of 1 nurse to patients has quite a big gap. Though the patients are stable in nature, there are quite a number of tasks which includes giving medications, assessing the elderly and basically referring them to physicians when there is a need for it. The nurse should also consider not only the physical health but also the men tal health of the elderly patient. Full resources are available for the elderly in the internet with accompanying services for them. Overall, there are no special program or new training for nurses in this field. They need to learn this on their own once they started working for national health institutions. However, careers in this field are a lot and nurses who are interested just need to log on the internet and find, view or search for it.

News, articles and journal are also available for references for the care of the elderly. This is considered continuing edu cation in the nursing field. They can read all the studied and eventually apply these principles to their workplace.


Though this field is quite tiring in nature, it’s still a blessing for a nurse to be of kind service to the elderly people. The truth is the elderly is less appreciated in our society. The nurse can touch their lives by taking care of them.

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