Gastroenterology Nurse Singapore

Gastroenterology Nurse Singapore


Help people with abdominal problems. Provide education about abdominal diagnostic procedures

Gastroenterology or gastro nurse is a specialty of nursing involving caring for people who have abdominal problems. These include the liver, stomach, small and large intestines up to the anus. Health information must also be provided by the gastro nurse in general for this is a part of the job and health education.

Career Choice

Aspirants who want to take this career path must follow the guidelines or steps in order to become registered. First, a four-year nursing degree must be finished. Then, he or she should pass the Singapore Nursing Board. Once registered, he or she can practice being a nurse in gastroenterology clinics or units. Nurses don’t have actual certification and training for this kind of post. However, they can gain experience by actually working in clinics and hospitals.

Job Responsibility of Gastroenterology Nurse

A gastro nurse usually practices their skills and knowledge in gastro units or clinics. They usually organize patient database and keeping of records. They are also in charge of scheduling patients for diagnostic procedures and consultations. Common procedures that are being done in gastro units are monitoring the patients after endoscopy or colonos copy. Assisting doctors in minor procedures such as proctoscopy and banding of hemorrhoids for patients with anal problems. Health education is an integral part of being a nurse. He or she must practice teaching patients about the do’s and don’t or healthy eating, weight management, resources that are available and events that can help and form the patient’s holistic transformation towards having a healthy body.

Career Advancement

By subscribing to a journal, a member or associates can login, search, view, review and read info resource about gastro enter ology membership society (SGNA) across the globe at the comfort of their home. Members hip for associate is actually open to almost all health practitioners. They can join by filling-up the form or by email. They can also sign up for the news letter that is for free. A journal will give you the latest updates about the world of gastroenterology which includes treatment, diagnosis and appropriate care. This will give you an edge among the rest of the nurses who does not read evidenced based nursing journals or articles.

Job Opportunity

Being a new gastro nurse is a fun job. You can learn a lot from this nursing jobs specialty. As a lot of people are being diagnosed with cancer such as colon, gastric, and pancreatic cancer, nurses can bridge the gap and be health advocates by promoting a healthy lifestyle policy or by persuading patients to undergo life-saving diagnostic procedures.

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