Forensic Nursing Singapore

Forensic Nursing Singapore


Newest specialty in the field of nursing. Helping and reaching out to people who are abused.

Forensic nursing is a branch of nursing that is mainly recognized in the USA but not in the rest of the globe or not in an international scene. In Singapore though, there are no associations or programs for forensic nurses as of today but hopefully it will progress soon. This is because there are no major crimes being committed in Singapore. It is one of the safest countries to live in. Forensic nurses are in-demand in North America since a lot of patients are being victims of sexual assault, verbal abuse, grave criminal cases, and so on and so forth. This job will enable you to act and practice your training as a professional nurse. However, one must undergo certifications first.

Job Responsibility of Forensic Nurse

A forensic nurse generally takes care of patients who are victims in various crime scenes. While they take care of the patients, they also collect evidences at the same time. A student nurse aspiring to partake in such career must study in a nursing school and get a 4-year nursing degree. Then, there are foreign certifications and course available to state registered nurses in order to become a certified forensic nurse. They just have to log to the website, sign up or register, study and pass the exam. Resources are available online for professionals who want to practice forensic nursing. After passing or being certified, they can practice and use their skills in this science of crime-solving. Online home education and program are also offered by a university in Texas for registered nurses and aspiring graduate students.

Job Opportunity

Forensics is widely used by national agencies in fighting crime across Singapore. As a new forensic nurse, one must be capable and advanced in knowledge about the legal and special process in dealing with such cases as evidences are important in crime scenes. Prior to touching the patient, a consent must be signed by the patient in order to safeguard the license of the nurse from legal disputes. To search for an evidence requires constant master y of post and services. The psychiatric health of these victims is also of prime importance. Prior to doing the medical or physical examination, nurses must work in gathering pieces of information such as bruises, signs of post-traumatic stress disorder,

At the end of the day, forensic nurses can acquire varying degrees of knowledge and experience as they help patients one step at a time.

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