Enrolled Nurse Singapore

Enrolled Nurse Singapore

What is an enrolled Nurse?

Not to be confused with Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses (ENs) are healthcare professionals who coordinate with, or work under the supervision of RNs, to provide quality, patient centered care and nursing services. Rewarding as it is, this job might not be for everyone though, but if you want to consider this career option, you’ll find lots of advantages to it. To become an enrolled nurse, one must complete a 2-year (or equivalent) nursing training to get a diploma, whereas an RN typically needs to enroll and gradate from a 3-year formal nursing education. They should also pass a state approved certification exam.

The Duties of an Enrolled Nurse

An EN can work in hospital or clinical settings, or work from home providing their services to a lot of health consumers or patients. An Enrolled Nurse Singapore professional will be able to help other medical staff, doctors (like ENT physicians), with nursing assessments & planning, evaluation of nursing practices, administration of prescribed medicines or coordinate healthcare assistants. He/she must be able to work in a team, especially for the purpose of providing nursing interventions.

How we help Nurses find jobs

Singapore’s healthcare system is becoming a global standard already. Foreign investors are setting up private limited companies (Pte Ltd) and looking to hire qualified nurses. We act as liaison between employers and applicants in search for better opportunities here. We do this by matching their skills, experience and qualifications with what the healthcare facilities need. Those looking to work home based, whether on a full or part time basis also can come to us. The first thing we do is check your background and make sure that you have passed the exam from the Singapore Nursing Board. If not yet, we’ll ask you to register.

Best Enrolled Nurse Singapore Recruitment Agency Service Provider

Each day we post in, or update, our website with new job listings, so feel free to log in and view our NicoleConsultancy.com site. We’ve been in this business for years and know the industry well. We’ll be your guide in every step in the hiring process. The number of hours you’ve worked for each date will be properly documented for transparency. We’ll also provide you with contact information to reach us should you have any concerns. Email us if you have inquiries or you want to apply.

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