Endocrinology Nursing Singapore

Endocrinology Nursing Singapore


Find your passion in teaching people with endocrine problems such as Diabetes Learn about the process on how to become one. Is it an in-demand job?

Endocrinology nursing is one of the projected growth in terms of new jobs or career in the near future as we need to learn about the growing number of obesity in the country and the whole world. Nurses are needed in this kind of clinical care. They have vast opportunities for this kind of pathway. By definition, endocrinology nursing is someone who specializes in pursuing nursing care among patients with endocrine problems specifically diabetes.

Career Choice

People with endocrine health illnesses are growing in number in our society. Apparently, the food choices we have nowadays are based on too much oil, fat, sugar and salt. The result is an alarming number of people with diabetes even for ped. In order to become a nurse in this field, he or she should have a nursing education or degree and eventually be state registered with Singapore Nursing Board. Endo nurses usually don’t have formal training. But they can attend annual conference or seminars about endocrine topics for reference and help. School can discuss theoretical topics but hospital or clinical training will give you the edge in the art of taking care of these kinds of patients. Thus, aim to practice in hospitals and clinics if you want to be the best in this field.

Job Responsibility of Endocrinology Nurse

Endo nurses can provide their services at home, in schools, hospitals and clinic. Their work usually does not limit clinical skills but more of health education such as the right usage of injecting insulin, using insulin pens, skin site rotation and alike. They can also teach patient about the different tests needed for diabetes such as the Hb1g, fasting blood sugar and random blood sugar. Thus, the aspiring endo nurse should have a knowledge with diagnostic exams, results and prices as consumers always demand for information. A nurse’s endocrine practice is basically light and stress-free. They also cater not only adults but also the pediatric group as some people have inborn diabetes.

Job Opportunity

This post will allow you to earn a decent amount of salary in Singapore. You can search for endocrinology jobs via newspaper or you can log via net or you can act by email them directly for your reference. Calling or through direct contact is highly-advisable as well. To find this job is not that difficult as there are lots of Endocrinologists looking for such nurses to sign up and use their skills as practitioners. Though it’s a fun job, your knowledge will just be limited to endocrine problems.

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