Elderly Care Singapore

Elderly Care Singapore

Elderly Care : An Overview

Once past their prime, the elder often face several hardships, thanks to deteriorating health and an increasing dependence on their family for medical and social support. Sadly, not everyone can afford to be at the disposal of their elders throughout the day, and neither is everyone trained to provide them with appropriate medical support. That is the job of a caregiver or elderly care centre skilled in the nuances of elderly care in Singapore. These services work to provide the elderly with facilities to ease the many discomforts of old age. Hence, taking advantage of elderly care in Singapore is the best way to help your seniors live a comfortable and dignified life.

What is elderly care?

Elderly care in Singapore comprises of services that cater to the special and unique requirements of the senior citizens. These services cover the medical, personal, and social demands that are often part of advancing age. Additionally, every senior citizen tends to have different needs and requirements, particularly due to different medical conditions or varying levels of dependency on the caregivers. To accommodate all of their special requirements, elderly care in Singapore includes a variety of services such as, adult day care, nursing homes, caregiver services, home based care services or residential care, assisted living, and hospice centres.

Available services for elderly care in Singapore

According to new press media news, voluntary welfare organizations as well as private sector organizations provide elderly care in Singapore for the benefit of the public. Elderly care in Singapore is broadly categorized into residential and community healthcare services. The residential healthcare services include community hospitals, nursing homes, inpatient hospice service, and respite care. Similarly, the community healthcare services include, home based services such as nursing care and home hospice, or centre based services such as day rehabilitation centres and homes and elderly day care centres. Most centres and caregivers offer both long term and short-term program based on the requirements of each senior and his/her family.

Who can benefit from elderly care in Singapore

Elderly Care Centres that provide elderly care in Singapore mainly offer assistance in daily chores, health care, and personal hygiene, to help the seniors live with dignity despite their growing age.

• Families of frail and bedridden elderly members are often not able to provide ideal care and support at home. Such senior citizens can contact residential elderly care services to get full time medical and social support in a nursing home or hospice.

• Alternatively, elderly men and women who would prefer to stay in their own home can search for community based elderly care services. Here again, the elderly and their families can select the centre based services wherein the elderly stay at the centres during the day and return home at night or they may use the home based services and find a caregiver to provide support at their home itself.

• Additionally, elderly with dementia or other psychiatric illnesses can benefit from specialized day care and rehabilitation centres that provide care and support specifically for such group.

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