Elderly Care Agency Singapore

Elderly Care Agency Singapore

Being old and sickly means not having as much independence and mobility as before. These patients might be bound to a chair or a bed, which is why they need a caregiver. Elderly care Agency Singapore is here for you and your elderly parents or grandparents. We ensure that senior patients get the best care that their frail health needs.

Our Services

If you want to find caregivers who will look after the sickly or weak elder at home, we have the right people for you. You can pick from our wide range of service packages, depending on the kind of help that you need. Our caregivers can act as nursing providers for both men and women patients, family domestic helpers or maid support, personal care service providers, escort, and more. They can provide short term or long term work, day and/or night for the fragile seniors at your own place.

Some of the services that we provide include meal delivery for our patients who have weakened with age. Special diets might be considered. We also provide escort services for patients who have to go to their medical appointments, which means that we have to support them as they get in and out of their car during their regular treatments at clinics or hospitals. We also offer a quality home care program that includes housekeeping, personal hygiene, medication reminder, mental stimulation activities, and other personal care services.

Why Hire Caregivers from Us

Our caregivers completed extensive training and have access to all our resources to ensure that they provide premium services. We have an established system in place, complete with a service plan, to cater to all the needs of our patients in search for comprehensive elderly care services. We respect the rights of every patient for a reliable, professional, and genuine caregiver. They are even ready to take on patients’ pre and post hospitalization.

If you want to use Elderly Care Agency Singapore’s services now, just visit our centre or contact us via email [email protected] or phone 62215262. Check our website regularly for new updates on our service packages as well.