Director Of Nursing Jobs Singapore

Director Of Nursing Jobs Singapore

The Role of a Nursing Director

A Director of Nursing (DON) is a licensed nurse in a managerial capacity. They are found in many healthcare facilities like nursing homes, clinics and hospitals. In general, their job includes overseeing the administrative functions of some departments, aside from extending medical care to patients. They’re tasked to supervise, check and review nurses’ performance under them (those in clinical, hospital or work from home set-up), maintain medical records, ensure that services given are of utmost standard, manage finances and create reports. Other personnel often assist them. The nature of the work allows these people to influence, or even direct, how processes are done within a facility as well as empower nurses as manager. Research is constantly done, to make sure hospital staff are following correct nursing practices. There’ll be days where you’ll travel by car, to see other medical personnel, or visit a healthcare facility, like a clinic under your supervision.

How to become a DON?

Individuals seeking to apply to Director of Nursing jobs Singapore or assistant DON position, must at least have a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree in Nursing to qualify. Most of the time, a Master’s Degree is required. You should also have a nursing license in Singapore. While a combination of relevant experience and good education are the winning credentials to landing a DON job, leadership, empathy and a service factor are some of the qualities an employer or a company is usually also looking for when filling in a DON or its assistant, post. Good communication skills and wide knowledge about health are essential. New graduates who’ve chosen this rewarding career path need to gain an ample amount of experience as full time registered nurse, have themselves be trained (and preferably certified) in other administrative functions like finances and healthcare management.

Where to find Director of Jobs Singapore openings?

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