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In some countries Oral health is one of the most neglected. This includes dental problems an ordinary patient may experience for hours, days or weeks or even beyond. As part of the health care team, nurses or nursing staff can also find full joy in doing care for people undergoing dental procedures or assisting the dentist. It is also a career that needs training in order to be a part of such health services jobs.

There will always be mouth problems and people who need surgery for their tooth or teeth dilemma that can’t be treated at home but rather in dental clinic. This is primarily the work of the dentist. And this is a great avenue for a registered nurse to assist, practice and learn all the necessary skills to help and care for the patient.


A student nurse aspiring to become a dental nurse must finish a 4 year degree in nursing. They must also pass the SNB exam or Singapore Nursing Board exam. After passing, they can be eligible to join and become a new registered nurs e.

Job Prospect

In Singapore, there are lots of dental clinics which are usually in an OPD basis just like ENT clinics. Nurses can apply for these jobs in many ways. First, they can go to the clinic directly. Second, they can register in a third party search job engine website such as and then log into the website. Next, they can search or view new job vacancies specifically to dental nurse jobs. Including in the post are the salary, time, day of work, benefits and date of deadline for submission. Lastly, email can be a form of communication for these employers.

On the other hand, nurses who didn’t pass the licensing exam can be assistant nurses or receptionist of these clinics. They can also act as a permanent manager to outlook the service.


Searches for dental nursing jobs are easier compared before. It is a gateway and another opportunity for nurses to show what they are capable of and of course to show their compassion and excellent nursing care.

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