Dementia Home Care Singapore

Dementia Home Care Singapore


Dementia, especially Alzheimer's disease, is a common illness suffered by the elderly and affects their daily living activities. Symptoms include memory loss, difficulty in problem solving and impairment in language and communication. They find it difficult to focus, keep track of their appointments or remember places, people or even facts about themselves.

It's hard for a dementia patient to be left to their devices, and as caregiver you have to constantly supervise him. When you find yourself not having enough time to support your family or loved one, you might want to search for and get help from professional caregivers who are experts in caring for patients with any age related diseases.

Duties of a Dementia Home Care Singapore Caregiver

Seniors with dementia have special needs which could only be addressed by licensed nursing professionals and caregivers. Skills they posses are the ability to deal with resistance, handle doctor prescribed medications, teach the patient pain management techniques, act as companion and adjust to the daily routines of the senior patient. A dementia home care Singapore caregiver is trained to provide personal assistance to residents such as bathing, dressing, eating and walking. The caregiver will accompany the senior to any social events or to any community programme designed to encourage socialization. They have medical skills, in case there is sign of emergencies. On check-up visit, they'll take note of what the doctors, like ENT, advice and incorporate these in the nursing plan. Her goal is to keep the person active and his health as robust as can be.

Helping caregivers

Our centre gives dedicated nurses and caregivers the opportunity to offer their services to people who truly need it. Being a private nurse/caregiver allows them to work in environment outside the hospital, and with more flexibility since they can be employed short or long term. They can meet different patients and increase their end connections.

Helping clients

We’ve built a great team of healthcare professionals provides our patients the best Dementia home care Singapore service in the comforts of their homes. We understand our clients and patients better, and we use new and advanced nursing/caregiving techniques and training. Our service helps you manage your other responsibilities well, while not falling short on your caregiving responsibility.

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