Dementia Home Care Services Singapore

Dementia Home Care Services Singapore

Introduction to Dementia

Dementia mostly occurs to elderly people with age over 65, though a younger person can develop it too. This happens when mental functions start to decline as brain suffers damage.

Short-term memory loss is perhaps the most common sign of dementia's onset. The patient might have trouble remembering a recent special event or the name of a new family member. Their sense of direction suffers, and they feel confused or even depressed.

Difficulty with language is also common. Finding the right words to communicate proves a tough job for them.

Reasoning impairments and inability to focus. A loved one suffering from dementia has difficulty doing tasks that were previously normal for him. Adapting to a new routine is hard, as well as following storylines and understanding the meaning of words.

Dementia Home Care Services Singapore

The effects of dementia take a toll on the senior patient's health and also his family's in the end. Since mental abilities are affected, it's almost impossible to leave them unsupervised. There's an option to send them to nursing homes for respite care when you're away, but they might prefer living at home. This is where in-home caregivers come into the picture. Bringing care into the home, caregivers can be hired for a few hours a day or live in the household for a long time.

Caregivers are professionals who have good knowledge and experience in taking care of dementia patients. Along with personal assistance, they provide medical support and companionship. They encourage patients to participate in community based activities, rehabilitation programme or social events, act as medical escort during hospital visits and work hand in hand with the family to give him the utmost comfort as he undergoes treatments.

Providing Dementia Home Care Services

A caregiver's role is vital to the patient's health, that's why our agency provides constant training with regards to caregiving duties and healthcare. We do this to ensure that every client or patient we assist and serve gets excellent dementia home care services Singapore. Our pride stems from the team we've built through the years, and the recommendations we got from numerous past clients. We're here to help, so don't hesitate to call or contact us at 62215262 if you have questions about our service. Feel free to view our site for more news and information, or visit our centre for Dementia Home Care Services in Singapore today!

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