Critical Care Nursing Singapore

Critical Care Nursing Singapore


According to certain nursing organizations, the definition of Critical Care Nursing encompasses health conditions that are life-threatening in nature. Thus, a CCN or critical care nurse must be well adept to such environment in order to render excellent and appropriate care to their patients. He or she must also anticipate necessary care and make proper nursing care plans in collaboration with other healthcare team members.

Someone who is critically ill is defined as patients who are highly susceptible to death at any given moment due to their critical condition. Thus, there must be intensive monitoring and constant


In Singapore, new registered nurses can be trained for work by being placed in ICU or intensive care unit. The volume of patients that an intensive care unit nurse should handle is preferable 1:1 ratio up to 1:3 which will not compromise the care of the patient as well as their career. Critical care nurses usually find their jobs as a vital tool for their growth and learnings. There are lots of issues and concerns an intensive care unit nurse must address holistically among their patients. Though they find this job very tiring and demanding to work in such critical set-up, team members usually get satisfied once they see their patients cope and eventually transfer to a step-down unit until they are discharged and ready to go home.

Advanced Learning

A nurse can also upgrade her medical knowledge and skills as a critical care nurse or intensive care unit nurse through research and education. Some advanced diplomas are being provided in several schools in Singapore. You just have to register and log to their websites for full information. You can also email them directly or contact them if you want to get an immediate response. You can also search the website for international accreditations by several critical care nursing association of various countries around the globe. After completing the course, you may register at the Singapore Nursing Board to be officially accredited.

Several special journals are also available across the web. They can be a member by paying an annual fee. Then they just have to log to the website in order to view the full issue of the journal article. The articles in the journal are evidenced-based nursing which means that it is scientifically proven and tested before being published in the magazine. Journals also serve as news to nurses. The latest events in the world of critical care can be read in these journals.

Over-all, critical-care is an excellent area of nursing. One will learn a lot from this area as a nurse that will enhance their vol ume of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

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