Community Nursing Jobs Singapore

Community Nursing Jobs Singapore


Community nursing is one of the most exciting areas where nurses and other healthcare providers can practice working, training or enhancing their skills and jump start their career. The community is a large unit composed of families with various health related clinical problems that are easily identifiable and manageable of course. However, health services and support they provide for community are basic unlike in the hospital where management is better and service is time conscious.


Community nursing is already a part of the nursing education course or courses among student nurses. Usually, one semester is allotted for care community nursing for a whole class and they are immersed with families for them to learn about the basic problems of the community. With such exposure, student nurses can see the role of actual community nurses or staff to the community patient. After finishing nursing school, they must take an exam and pass it. Once licensed is achieved, new entry post registered nurses can jump start their career by applying for opening to such community job.

Community Nursing Jobs

To search and find for such job, interested nurses should register to government health agencies or government employer since community nursing are government-based position and management. An agency call also be used to seek or view qualified nurses who are interested to sign up or register with them. Location of community depends. It can be in the city or in rural areas where there are no hospitals available.

A day in the community is a fun way to work, help and practice unity and camaraderie among various kinds of people. Nurses must also compile and keep a record or log of their community members as well as their home addresses and contact number for future reference.


Days at the community is an exciting opportunity for a new nurse. Future searches for a suitable career, jobs or company can also be achieved by email or application in job portals (such as

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