Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs Singapore

Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs Singapore

Overview of Nursing

Many people are testing the waters in Singapore now, especially nurses. The country is well-known for its highly efficient healthcare systems, medical technology and skilled staff. Due to its aging population, it’s been opening its doors to foreign nursing practitioners and had several institutions design a program for those interested to learn and train under their supervision.

Nursing is a very important job which no one can deny. They assist doctors, care for patients and administer medical treatment during emergencies. Depending on what he/she specializes, a nurse can find work in a community hospital, clinic, school or specialty care center.

That being said, there are different kinds of nurses. One of them is the Nursing Assistant. To be a CNA doesn’t need a Bachelor’s Degree or tertiary education as minimum requirement. Nursing Assistants becomes certified only after they get a diploma and pass a state approved certification exam. By then, they earn the title of CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistant). CNAs work under LPNs and Registered Nurses in a specific hospital unit. With dedication and genuine desire to lend a hand, you can make a career out of your CNA skills.

The Duties of a CNA

To attend to the patients’ needs is their main responsibility. They help with catheter care, walking, feeding, mouth and hair care and many more. Patients who’ve had car accidents and have difficulty moving will need to be assisted when going to and from rooms, walking, exercising and on other activities that will require movement. The nature of the job entails the CNA to spend a great deal of time with patients so you can watch over their health. For Certified Nursing Assistants working from home, part of their services is to administer prescribed medicines, assist with travelling and work closely with other healthcare personnel to come up with a nursing plan tailored to the patient needs.

Best Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs Singapore Agency

Looking for jobs? As a trusted Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs Singapore agency, we help each applicant search for a position within medical facilities, or match his/her skills with the nursing needs of other employers if he/she’s agreeable to work from home. Once done, employment details like salary will be discussed and log sheets will be given. You’ll be asked to sign several documents containing information about salaries and contract.

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