Cardiac Nursing Singapore

Cardiac Nursing Singapore


Cardiac nursing in Singapore is a new and specialized branch of nursing that focuses on nursing care and support for patients with cardiovascular diseases. Now a days, heart disease are often in the news for all the wrong reasons, particularly since they are one of the leading causes of death globally. Not surprisingly, cardiac care is a field in constant progression, with researchers constantly in search of answers to the many heart and cardiovascular related questions we face today. So, while we have specialized doctors trained in cardiology, cardiac nursing care is the need of the hour too.

Approximately 15 patients die of cardiac causes in Singapore daily, that’s how big the problem of cardio vascular diseases is in the country. Hence, cardiac nursing care in Singapore is quickly turning into a significant aspect of its medical and healthcare sector.

What is Cardiac Nursing in Singapore?

Specialized registered nursing professionals trained in managing heart patients provide cardiac nursing in Singapore. Unstable angina, coronary artery disease, cardiomayopathy, myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, and arrhythmias are some examples of heart diseases. Cardiac nurses work together with cardiologists and other medical professional, to provide cardiac patients with optimum care and rehabilitation services that work towards improved cardiac health.

Generally, cardiac nurses find employment in the traditional hospital cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery departments; however, they also play an important role in home based cardiac care to improve the patients’ quality of life and heart health.

Cardiac Nursing Education in Singapore

To practice cardiac nursing in Singapore a registered nurse should have an in dept knowledge of cardiology and nursing, in addition to possessing appropriate certification. The Singapore Nursing Board has accredited a number of post graduate and diploma/certificate courses and degree for undergraduate nursing student from recognized nursing school. These degrees help advance a nurse’s career by providing specialized education in cardiac nursing care and services. In view of that, these certifications aim at improving the knowledge base of the students and registered nurses to equip them with a high-level info rmation and experience in the field of car diology. This education helps the cardiac nurses to diagnose and manage the complex cardiovascular diseases and deal with the emergencies related to them as well.

Job description of Cardiac Nursing in Singapore

• To diagnose and treat cardiovascular conditions
• Formulate cardiac nursing care program and work along with the cardiologists
• Clinical assessment of the patient, viewing of the vital signs, and maintenance of patient records
• Administration of cardiac medications
• Knowledge of the cardiac test and laboratory investigations
• To assist in cardiothoracic surgeries and provide post-operative care
• To act promptly and appropriately in cardiovascular emergencies and cardiac events
• Provide patients with information on prevention of heart diseases and their complications through patient counseling
• Provide rehabilitation and long term nursing care to heart patients
• Being the main contact point between the cardiologists, patients, and their families • To stay abreast of new research in cardiology and science, learning through print and online medical journal

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