Assisted Living Care Services Singapore

Assisted Living Care Services Singapore


Assisted living care is a type of service and a housing facility that is based on a need for an extensive care that does not needing of highly skilled nursing or medical care but rather more of an assistance of activities of daily living. This is also a facility for long term care for certain individual who are stable but cannot be taken care of by their family.

Assisted living facilities are different from nursing care and other acute facilities in certain communities since the latter requires medical resources, help of expert nursing care, medical management and use of other diagnostic procedures. Patients who are placed in nursing care homes require rehabilitation until they can go home or go to assisted living care facilities.

Services and Clients

Common services being assisted to residents. who lives inside the housing or home facility, are generally assistance in day to day tasks and needs such as their medication, food, bathing and so on and so forth.

Clients who are usually brought to such residential facility are members of the senior community ages 75 and up while a few percentage are 65 and below. Seniors are still in state of independent routines with their daily living but requires some assistance from the staff. These types of facility are usually offered to those with good health but cannot be taken care of such as those senior with dementia (deteriorating memory like Alzheimer).

We can also learn and find that these new or old facilities must also have special designs for some disabled residents. This is to prevent accidents and falls since they move independently around the housing facility. Safety lights and non-slipped rags or carpets must adhere to standards set by certain agencies.

However, some special needs can also be coordinated. These facilities can assist, provide or offer several medical and dental option to their resident who is interested to have a personal check-up or diagnostic procedures to be done.

The most important thing to consider is that they should be stable and not critical. The reason is they won’t be allowed to such assisted living facility because they do not have the facilities and staff to perform measures to save lives.


We call life as a daily challenge. There are certain assisted living facilities in Singapore. For more information, you can search the interne for news and contact these facilities. They will gladly assist your loved ones for this kind of arrangement. On the other hand, we must not forget to visit them regularly to show our love and compassion.

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