Aged Home Care Singapore

Aged Home Care Singapore


A senior family member, who's recently been released from a hospital, or continues to suffer from dementia or other serious illnesses, needs 24/7 nursing care. If he refuses to be put inside nursing homes, then care should be brought to his home. The good news is that many Singapore agencies offer this kind of service, including ours. Aged in-home care refers to the act of providing day to day support (for either short or long term), to ensure that they get high level care tailored to their needs. These are provided by caregivers or other licensed healthcare workers. Leaving a caregiver at home means that help is within reach while they're away at work.

Preferring to stay at home

Private homes provide comfort that's absent in other nursing homes and rehabilitation centres. Recuperating elderly patients and those who need hospice care prefer to live at home so they can be near their families, to exercise a huge degree of independence and age with dignity. For cases where the patient suffers from dementia, the home is a very familiar and safe place to put them.

Responsibilities of an Aged Home Care Singapore caregiver

Personal Care. Aged home care Singapore caregivers assist patients in their daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, preparing meals and assistance with transferring from wheelchair to car. If patient has problems with mobility such as walking, then he'll be assisted with that too.

Light household chores. The caregiver can help with shopping, cooking, gardening and housekeeping tasks.

Medical support and medication reminders. Monitoring health progress is vital to work. Nurses use a personalized nursing plan for this and check the patient for improvements. Nurses and caregivers cannot give prescriptions for medicines, but they can administer them and make sure the patient is taking the right amount at the right time.

Caring touch and Companionship. Patients need to feel that they're valued, so caregivers do their best to engage them in worthwhile activities and boost social interaction inside their houses, or in the community together with other residents.

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