Aged Home Care Services Singapore

Aged Home Care Services Singapore


As we age, our bodies become prone to illnesses like dementia. Developing this isn’t a sin, and the victim should be treated with compassion and respect. Though seniors do their best to live with minimal supervision, sometimes they need the help of professional caregivers to assist with daily living activities. Family members can lend extra hands, but they also need time take care of other responsibilities. Getting a good nurse or caregiver to provide support to the patient is a good investment.

While a number of seniors choose to spend each living day in nursing homes or other healthcare facilities, many still find their houses to be the best place to stay as patients. They love the independence they can exercise at home, which is not the case in community based nursing homes or specialty centres. At home, they’re relaxed and can follow their own routine,

How can a caregiver help a senior patient?

A dementia patient needs high level care as the sickness progresses and his health starts to decline. A professional caregiver/nurse can provide a wide array of services suited to his special needs. This includes personal assistance (bathing, dressing, meal preparation, transferring, wound dressing, medication reminders, etc), transportation to and from the hospital or to social activities, medical support and light household chores such as shopping, washing or housekeeping. Their knowledge of the latest technologies and new caregiving practices would prove beneficial. Another big benefit an elderly person gets from aged home care services Singapore is companionship. A touch of a helping hand can go a long way to helping him mentally and emotionally. To keep him busy, the caregiver engages him in several simple activities at home as part of the service to boost mental or physical capacities.

How to find the best caregiver for your loved one?

Hiring a caregiver can be for short or long term. Just let us know what you need and we’ll start from there. We work with a dedicated team that will search the world for the caregiver that matches your preference. After, we’ll act as liaison between you and the potential candidate. Working with us means you’re getting the worth of each cent you spend.

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