Adult Nursing Singapore

Adult Nursing Singapore


Adult nursing in Singapore includes nursing care services for adult patients. People needing these services may suffer from a variety of medical conditions that include anything from a minor to major injury to the more serious acute as well as chronic illnesses. The aim of adult nursing in Singapore is to support the patient’s health and social needs to promote recovery and good health in general.

Core qualities of an adult nurse in Singapore

Healthcare is a multidisciplinary field that includes several professional right from the doctors and nurses to the support staff. Adult nursing in Singapore is a central aspect of this multidisciplinary setup in the hospitals as well as the patients’ home, mainly because a nurse is the key person of contact for the patients and their families. Nursing is both an art and science. Very often, the nursing staff provides continuity and stability in patient care, particularly in chronic illnesses where the patient is likely to require regular and long-term health support. Keeping all of this in mind, an adult nurse in Singapore should possess presence of mind, compassion, good communication skills, and flexibility. A nurse should be able to multi-task and comfort the patients and their families to ease their doubts and fears, in addition to possessing a quickness to deal with emergencies.

Duties of adult nursing services in Singapore

• Develop patient care plans and maintain patient records
• Assess the vital parameters such as pulse, blood pressure, etc.
• Administer oral medications, injections, drips, blood transfusion, etc.
• Coordinate with the doctors and social workers for the patient’s benefit
• Patient counseling
• Respond to time of emergencies

Study adult nursing in Singapore

In Singapore, a student can apply for one of two undergraduate BSc nursing courses available in most Universities. One is a 3-year BSc in nursing degree, while the other is a 4-year BSc in nursing with honors. Some courses in nursing and midwifery are also affiliated to international universities, hence these nursing students have the option of oversees internships open to them. A nursing graduate can also apply for a postgraduate degree or nursing major to improve his/her career opportunities. Additionally, the fees funding of the nursing courses programme are more cost-effective with better returns than most healthcare degrees. Before you search and select a entry university to pursue your degree in nursing, contact the alumni of the university to ascertain if the quality of learning and other standards suit your requirements.

Career scope for adult nursing in Singapore

A career in nursing is considered recession-proof and lucrative, mainly due to the dearth of nurses in the community. A nurse, especially one who works in adult nursing in Singapore has a wide variety of healthcare careers open to him/her. An adult nurse may,
• Practice as a staff nurse in a hospital or healthcare centre or
• Work in research or business or
• Teach nursing students in University or,
• Help develop nursing courses, as well as patient information programs that help patients learn about their disease.

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