Adult Home Care Singapore

Adult Home Care Singapore

The Elderly Patient

Like a child, the senior patient has a long list of needs, and close assistance is much advised when he/she’s living with you. Most of them are suffering from disabilities or has age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer. Being cared for at home is considered the best solution for most cases, as seeing familiar environment and being around family can have positive impact to their health, as opposed to putting them in nursing homes. While at home, the lives of these adults will revolve around simple activities including programs and some household chores. They can’t be left to their own devices though at home or even in residential facilities, so you should call in a caregiver if you have to be away for some time.

Adult Home Care Singapore

The Adult Home Care Singapore service aims to provide much needed support to your loved one in your absence. Caregivers are your saviors. They're the ones you can rely on to take good care and watch over your patient’s nursing needs, day and night. They are trained to do this, and will make sure your loved one will stay as comfortable as possible. While home care nursing is caregivers core duty, they can accompany and provide personal assistance to the patient when traveling by car to a community program, or to the physician by acting as medical escort. They can also educate the patient about their sickness, are able to administer medicines and see to his or her wounds (if there are).

Let us help you

When you’ve decided you need an in-home caregiver, you first have to find an agency recognized by the state to get you one. That’s where we come in.

We have several options available for adult homecare services to make your life easier. Our caregivers can be hired on a short term or long-term basis. Rest assured we’ll send you someone that's well trained and has access to new and up to date resources such as books and news, for information. Each resource is aimed to improve our service.

We’ve assisted hundreds of clients in the past and will be pleased to assist you too. Please contact us and let us know how we can help. Check our site too for more info on Adult Home Care in Singapore now!

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