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Nursing Career

A nurse plays a pivotal role in any medical setup, be it a primary healthcare clinic, a nursing home, or a full-fledged multispecialty hospital. Nursing being a noble profession, a nurse in Singapore holds a position of high regard in the public view. Nurses are an integral part of any medical facility, with responsibilities ranging from patient assessments, log, to patient care. In fact, a the job of a registered nurse does not end here, at times he/she may also have to perform certain clinical procedures to support the health professionals. Nevertheless, a career in nursing is more than mere patient care and satisfaction, a registered nurse in Singapore has several avenues open to him/her, such as research, education or media training, and of course the conventional clinical or healthcare jobs and careers.

Nurses Requirements

To practice nursing in Singapore, nurses have to register with the Singapore Nursing Board. The board regulates Nurses and midwives in Singapore and provides a Practicing Certificate to its registered Nurses. It is mandatory for every Nurse in Singapore to possess a Practicing Certificate to work in the healthcare services under the Nurses and Midwives Act. The certification also accelerates the job search of a nurse in Singapore. The Board’s website provides a personal login to all its registered nurses in Singapore to be able to renew their enrollment or registration on a timely basis, and regular special news update.

Nursing Education Opportunities

A nurse in Singapore has a plethora of education opportunities open to him/her. He/she may select any training course of his/her choice to learn from a basic enrollment program, heading to a diploma or degree certification to postgraduate studies. These courses can be done from any school recognized by the Ministry of Health for nursing education.

Continuing Nursing Education

To stay abreast of new information in the medical field, Singapore also offers advanced Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) programs to develop and horn the professional service of its nurses. The strict monitoring and learning guidelines of the nurses helps provide a competent nursing staff in the Singaporean medical institutes and nursing homes. After all, patients depend on safe nursing care for a healthy life and look upon a nurse as a guide. A nursing career is very much about day/night patient contact and fulfillment. Please get register with nicoleconsultancy.com online today!

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